Exhibited at the Japan-Italy Nano-Tech. Seminar in Miyagi(2009/2/23)

Up-to-date Information :
  Exhibited at the Japan-Italy Nano-Technology Seminar in Miyagi
  Exhibited at the “Semicon Japan 2008”
  Exhibited at the ”Power MEMS 2008 + μEMS 2008”
  Exhibited at the Tokyo sponsored “Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2008”
  Won the “11th (2008) 77 New Business” subsidy


Fabrication of Microprobes on A Ultrathick Glass Substrate with Narrow-Pitch Electrical Feedthroughs for Next-Generation LSI Burn-In Tests
( 2008.1 )
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Publishing : Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Date : 2008.1
Author : TOHOKU Univ., MEMS-CORE

Recent Thesises
  Glass Substrate with High Density Electrical Feedthroughs
  A Matched Expansion Probe Card for High Temperature LSI Testing


Mr. H. Yanazawa introduced the MEMS Core business; at the Japan-Italy Nano-Tech. Seminar in Miyagi Pref.

Recent Lecture
  MEMS Core business was introduced by Mr. Masahiko Ogirima at the Japan-Finland Nano-Tech. Interchange Meeting at Sendai (02/16/2009)
  Mr. M Ogirima presented the MEMS new business model; at the Electric Society Integrated Sensor Manufacturing Investigation Professional Committee Meeting in Tokyo (01/16/2009)
  Mr. Koji Homma; on the MEMS mounting technology; Electronics Mounting Society, 3-D mounting Material Research Committee in Tokyo (01/22/2009)
  H.Yanazawa;Possible Application of MEMS Micro-fabrication Technologies to Microbeam Probing Studies (8th International Workshop on Microbeam Probes of Cellular Radiation Response, Chiba, 2008.11.15)
  Mr. H. Yanazawa ; MEMS Core Co. Business Outline; MEMS Café in Fukuoka (on 22/08/2008 in Fukuoka)
  Mr. M. Ogirima; On the point to commercialize the MEMS device; Tohoku University MEMS concentrated lecture in Fukuoka (21/08/2008 in Fukuoka)
  Mr. M. Ogirima; On the MEMS venture enterprises theme and the future; JASVA (Japan Semiconductor Venture Association) Tohoku branch set-up commemorative lecture meeting (06/30/2008 in Sendai)
  Mr. Koji Homma; On the industry/academy cooperation and business model on MEMS; The 7th Nagano Jisso Forum and the 24th YJC seminar (06/27/2008 in Karuizawa)
  Mr.H. Yanazawa; On the MEMS peculiar process and the Thick Film Resist etc.; Semi Forum Japan 2008 (06/20/2008 in Osaka)
  Mr. Koji Homma; On the MEMS business theme and view; KRI workshop 08 (05/30/2008 in Kyoto)
  Mr. Koji Homma; About the MEMS Core company; Cooperative seminar with the local (05/20/2008 in Sendai)
  Mr. H. Yanazawa; On the MEMS technology aiming at the bio-application; MEMS Park Consortium Open seminar (05/13/2008 in Sendai)
  Mr. Koji Homma; On the trend of MEMS industry and new-start of the venture business; Tohoku Denpa College open lecture (11/27/2007 in Sendai)
  Mr. Koji Homma; On Creation and Nurture of new businesses as seen by a venture enterpriser; Research Industry Association the 2nd Work Shop (09/11/2007 in Tokyo)
  H.Yanazawa;EcoDesign for Advanced Handy Mass-Spectrometer;EcoDesign 2006 Asia Pacific Symposium(12/11/2006、Tokyo)
  K.Homma;Appealing MEMS business and development of MEMS devices;EcoDesign 2006 Asia Pacific Symposium(12/11/2006、Tokyo)
  Mr. K. Homma; On the prospective view of the MEMS business for the Sendai MEMS venture enterprisers; The 2nd Fraumhofer -Gesellschaft Symposium (11/07/2006 in Sendai)
  Mr. K. Homma; On the MEMS attractiveness and business and his experience that he overcame the desperate struggle with the different field technology; At the 21st different field new materials society (04/14/2006 in Tokyo)
  Mr. K. Homma; Development of MEMS related products by small scale outfits; “FINE the 21st Lecture and interchange meeting (02/03/2006 in Tokyo)